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The Latest and Greatest Book PR Trends

As an author self-publishing a book, staying informed about the latest book advertising and marketing trends in the post-pandemic world is essential. Once you've completed the editing and cover design and obtained an ISBN number for your book, it's crucial to focus on developing an intense publicity and marketing strategy. Some of the emerging trends result from the evolving media landscape. In contrast, others have emerged out of necessity during the pandemic but have proven effective and are likely to continue. If you plan to self-promote your book, be prepared for substantial work. 

Pro tip: One of the most significant trends in book promotion is the growing importance of podcasts as a marketing tool. Podcasts offer incredible marketing value as they typically feature long-form interviews or conversations, allowing listeners to get to know you and become more interested in your book. These podcasts often have niche audiences that are highly engaged with the topic, and even those with smaller audiences can effectively sell books. Creating your own podcast at a low cost and promoting it through social media can also be a valuable promotional tool – and it's fun to try.

The pandemic led to a surge in virtual interviews, which have become a permanent fixture in book promotion. Virtual interviews are particularly beneficial for authors as they allow access to the same audiences without the travel costs associated with in-person events. This format has gained widespread acceptance from both shows and audiences. While in-person appearances are making a comeback to some extent, the future of book promotion will likely involve a mix of virtual and in-person events, with a greater emphasis on virtual appearances. This shift opens more opportunities for media coverage. 

The pandemic significantly impacted independent bookstores, and they continue to face challenges. Due to their smaller spaces, some people may be hesitant to attend events at these stores, affecting authors who previously relied on them to host book events. Furthermore, the trend of print newspapers transitioning to online platforms continues, with varying degrees of success. However, many of these platforms still struggle to generate online advertising revenue comparable to their print ads, casting uncertainty on their future. Therefore, give them attention but also fully embrace the online PR world.


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