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Meaning and history of the Matching Rings For Couples

The engagement ring has always been the symbol of the promise of marriage as a token of affection that the groom makes to his partner, asking her the crucial question "Will you marry me? ".

This custom, though frequently revisited to reflect on changing times and different cultures yet has managed to stand up to the passage of time. It is impossible to make a decision this important without knowing its origin.

The history of the engagement rings dates back to the beginning of time. The Greeks are believed to have inherited this custom from the Egyptians. However, the first written testimony dates to Aulus Gellius, who wrote a work entitled Noctes Atticae and published in 159 AD.

In the past, in Rome, a future bride was given two rings, one made of iron and the other was made of gold. They were worn at home and in public. The ring was positioned on the finger that was worn for the ring on the left hand, as it was believed that the Vena Amoris vein, which runs directly to the heart, was situated there. Wearing rings on the left hand symbolizes that the person wearing it is faithful and cherishes them.

Another valuable source of evidence is the letters exchanged between Pope Nicholas I and King Boris of Bulgaria who changed to Christianity in 865. The pontiff in answer to the sovereign's questions included, among other things, the custom of the upcoming groom giving his bride an engagement ring.

Another significant date is 1477, the year that Archduke Maximilian of Austria gave Mary of Burgundy, as a marriage promise the ring of gold, which was topped with diamonds. From that point precious stones, specifically diamonds will be added to the wedding rings of future brides.

Selecting an Engagement Ring: How Many Types Are There?

If you've decided to ask your lover a question and ask them the question of your life it is best to find the perfect ring to give, respecting tradition. It is difficult to pick from the numerous models and precious stones available. To help you in this endeavor, we will focus on the most popular types of engagement rings.

1. Solitaire

The Solitaire is possibly the most sought-after and well-known ring on the planet. Like its name implies the ring is distinguished by the presence of a single precious stone, typically a diamond, mounted on white gold platinum, yellow gold or. Solitaire The Meaning of a Ring and Its Meaning will tell you more about this precious gem.

2. Eternity

The ring is comprised of a number of tiny diamonds of the same weight, neatly arranged around the circumference. This model is available in two variants, Full Eternity and Half Eternity, and both match perfectly with the wedding ring. It is a given that the size and number of the stones utilized will determine the price of the ring.

3. Toi Et Moi

The Toi et Moi ring is a symbol of an indissoluble connection between two lovers. It is composed of two precious stones with different shades that appear to be embracing one another. Napoleon Bonaparte gave this model to his future wife, Josephine de Beauharnais, as a token of love. Jackie Kennedy also received one with her wedding proposal from John Fitzgerald Kennedy.


The Trilogy ring is made up of three precious stones, diamonds and colored gems, placed around its circumference. The precious stones can have the same weight, or different carats. In this second scenario the central stone will be greater than the two lateral stones.


The Halo Ring is distinguished by a large central stone, which is surrounded by a crown of diamonds. This is a sophisticated ring that is ideal for those who like to be the center of attention. The central stone may be cut in many different ways, including princess, drop, emerald or marquise. A splendid example of a Halo ring is the one that Charles of England presented to Lady Diana and which then became the pledge of love of his son, Prince William, to Kate Middleton. It is a stunning 12 carat sapphire that is surrounded by diamonds.

For more information about rings check out What is the significance behind rings on the fingers?

What precious stones should be picked for your engagement ring?

We've already mentioned that there are numerous gems to be found in an engagement ring and each expresses a very specific message. Let's focus on the most desired ones:

Diamond: eternal love, solidity and honesty

Ruby is the word that means passion, desire and love

Sapphire: wisdom, integrity, commitment

Emerald: honesty, loyalty and the utmost fidelity

The choice of the precious stone will not be based solely on the message you wish to convey, but also on the preferences of the person receiving the engagement ring as a gift.

When Do You Give an Engagement Ring?

There is no perfect moment to present someone with an engagement ring. Instead wait until you are sure that you want to be with your partner for the rest of your life.

It is a good idea, considering the time it takes to plan the event to begin planning approximately a year in advance of the wedding date.

Right Hand or left Hand?

In accordance with our custom, the engagement ring should be placed on the left fingers, just like the wedding band. Therefore, on the wedding day it will be moved to the right ring finger to make space for the wedding band.

You should be aware that customs may change if you change your latitude. Find out more about where to wear an engagement ring.

Engagement Rings of the Stars

Some engagement rings are especially well-known, as well as beautiful, due to the fact that they were presented as gifts from famous personalities from the world of cinema, music or TV. Consider, for instance, the ring gifted to Liz Taylor by Richard Burton and Richard Burton, a diamond weighing more than 33 carats valued at nearly 9 million dollars! Beyonce's engagement ring, which is 18 carats in diamonds cost Jay Z about 5 million dollars. Equally important, and expensive, is the engagement rings that are adorning Kim Kardashian's hand, with a diamond that weighs 15 carats.

You don't have to shell out astronomical sums to get a beautiful engagement ring. It is important to know how to pick the right one! Read our guide on Cost of Engagement Rings to discover more.

How to choose an Engagement Ring

You can now say that you have a complete understanding of the significance, history, and meaning of an engagement ring. All you have to do is begin looking for a ring that will express your love and make the move with your half.

Learn more about our Guide to Engagement Rings before you make your decision. Explore the gallery of Diamonds Factory to get inspired. The perfect engagement ring is waiting for you.


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